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"Sukhi has always been the person I turn to for advice and those little extras that really make a difference, not only to your diet, but to maximise your training. He prepped me for my 2014 BNBF competition and I was in the best shape of my life! Sound and professional, top quality service!"

- Liam Bowden (Bodybuilding Prep Client)


"Being an ex Olympic Athlete I've put my body through its paces over my competing years, however I'd lost my training mojo and wanted to get that back.  Sukhi soon helped me find it again, together with lots of new weight lifting techniques. Every day with Sukhi is a learning day, even for me ! He's got my body back in trim shape thanks to the fantastic nutrition advice but at the same time increasing my strength, which is exactly what I wanted. I'm now enjoying being back in the gym thanks to the personal training from Sukhi Singh Nahl"

- Angie Thorp (PT Client)


"Sukhi provided me with all the advice, support and motivation I needed to exceed my goals to get stronger, healthier and fitter.  I highly recommend Sukhi as a personal trainer."

- Angela Bebb (Online Client)


"I've known sukhi for over a year now and he's a good friend, I have had personal training sessions with him and he's put me through my paces. He knows what he's on about with training and nutrition, he has time for you and motivates you all the time and as words of wisdom as well. I've lost 2 stone with his help, I would recommend him to help you push yourself to the max."

- Darren Cobb (PT Client)


"I was recommended to go see Sukhi because of his personal touch  and detail when dealing With clients, I wanted to compete and I knew he had done himself. So far my results are incredible and im in the best shape ive ever been."

- Scott Seckham (Classic Bodybuilding Prep Client)


"Sukhi has given me the knowledge and self-confidence to believe in my own abilities and understand how to train and manage my diet properly. Thanks to Sukhi, I've made great progress and had fun along the way!"

- Amy Hadfield (PT Client)


"Decided to get some help with my weight control as i was always struggling and i am glad i did.  I did the online 6 week plan and it opened my eyes.  I managed to lose over a stone in total while i was on the plan. the diet plans where really easy and simple to follow as everythng is listed along with measurements which is what i needed! I also found the excercise plan easy to follow and overall i am really gald i did the plan.  I have managed to take all the info forward as well and i am still losing weight following the information sukhi provided me with.  He was always at hand when i needed a chat either for info or when i just needed some motivation!  Overall i cant thank him enough and it was money well spent.  Be warned though one you complete this with him be prepared to spend oven more money on new clothes!"

- Darren Bell (Online Client)


"I did Sukhi online plan of eating clean and training to transform my body and improve my confidence. Sukhi provide ongoing support throughout my plan and beyond! I am still maintaining my weight and exercising and feeling great for it!! If you are wanting to get in shape and educate yourself about eating clean, Sukhi is the man to contact!"

- Shelly Parks (Online Client)

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